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Which of these choices for Logic history cycle makes the most sense?

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I have a goal of multiple AP courses for my children in high school using Penn Homeschoolers. My plan is AP Eur Hist/11th and APUSH in 12th for my daughter. I'm also planning on AP Govt in 9th and AP Econ in 10th.


I'm also firmly committed to using Truthquest History - all 6 books. I've loved our years in AHYS. I think the benefit of the commentary is priceless. And we absolutely love her oop book recs. However, for my daughter I will use the TQ books in a 4 year cycle using WTM time periods and Great Books lists.


It looks like this:

7th Ancients (TQ Ancient Egypt&Greece, Ancient Rome)

8th Middle Ages/Early Rennaissance (TQ Middle Ages, Renaissance&Reformation)

9th Early Modern (TQ Age of Revolution 1 & part of 2)

10th Modern (TQ Age of Revolution part of 2 and 3)


Now, since my son will be in grades 5-8 during this time, does it make sense for him to follow with her and have this be his Logic cycle? Or should I make two schedules a 4 year cycle for my daughter and a 6 year cycle for my son??

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