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The Naked Grape Pinot Noir - not very pinot noir-y, really (there really must be other grapes in there), but a really great, light table wine, especially for those of you who are on the fence about red wines. It's light and packed with berry flavors, but not terribly sweet. It's from California, it's cheap (mine was about $7), and it's lovely. Worked well with my veggie lovers pizza and raw vegetables for dinner tonight, and it was a great sipper before-hand.


Just an FYI :).


Anyone have a "best kept secret" sort of wine to share?


PS - I've also been enjoying some of the Middle Sister red wines. The Rebel Red fun and full, and the pinot noir is rich and enjoyable (but a blend of about 90/10).

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Our very favorite cheap red right now (runs about $7 also) is Menage a Trois. It tastes so much more expensive than it costs. It says $12 here, but we've always gotten it considerably cheaper




I like this thread! :D


Love their California Red! It's usually available here for between $8-$9. Definitely a favorite!

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