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Why do people contact through Craiglist about this?

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I posted information for our church's daycare on Craigslist, including location and prices. I've done this before and got something similar the last time as well. Here's what I got today, all of the information was already on Craiglist....



I am Dobbs Ogbes a single father who lives in the Netherlands(Europe).I will be relocating to the United Sates of America ( U. S.A) due to my transfer to indiana. I am looking for childcare/babysitter who can assist me to watch my daughter while i am at work.I want you to get back to me with your service charges from monday to friday.

Thanks as i await your sincere reply.


With regards,

Dobbs Ogbes.

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I copied this from a site that explains how the Nanny-scam works:


An "employer" contacts a nanny (or anyone at all who advertises on a message board) and offer a generous salary for a minimal amount of work. The "employer" seems eager to secure the nanny's services and therefore offers to mail the nanny payment in advance. The nanny's mailing address is solicited and a personal check is mailed to her exceeding the amount due. The nanny is then requested to return the overpayment to the "employer" by wire or money order. But there is no job and the "employer's" check is invalid. It is hard to imagine that people fall for such scams; but unfortunately they have.

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Guest Sevven

So glad you guys have this forum going. I was about to e-mail "Dobbs," who responded to my nanny for hire ad but thought the way he seemed to be trying to sound foreign was off. Googled the name and found your forum. Thank you for posting this so I didn't get my hopes up about a job.

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Guest kduncan23

Serious scammer from Craigslist requesting childcare. I got pretty far with him - several emails. He was wanting to know my sex, size, address, phone numbers. Best of all he is relocating to OHIO not INDIANA!!!! LOL


Thanks for the info guys - KIM:001_smile:

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