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Dynamic Literacy - a few ??s if you're using it


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I'd appreciate hearing from those who are using this program or are considering it. :001_smile:


I have a son who is a strong reader & speller. We are dropping formal spelling in favor of studied dictation which is folded in to his HOD studies.


DL has intrigued me for some time and I'd filed it away as a logical next step after completing AAS. Well, we're not going to complete AAS.


Do you think DL should wait until they're older or is it really appropriate for a 3rd/4th grader? The Foundations program is geared toward that group but I'm not sure that we should use it yet.


How teacher involved is DL at the Foundations Level?


If we want to learn something about roots & affixes do you have any other recommendations for his age level? He is interested in the subject and I'd like to give him something to chew on.

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