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Awarding 1/2 or 1 credit hour earned over 2-4 years - how to?

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I am looking at an art history credit. We will be using Trisms next year, and hopefully all the way through high school. I plan to beef up the art history portion significantly, to the point where the kids will earn 1 credit in it.


Should I ignore the art history they do in 9th grade (except to keep track of the scope and hours spent) in order to award .5 credits in 10th and/or a full credit in 12th grade?


I don't want to put anything less than .5 credits for any subject on the boys' transcripts.


Is this the usual way to handle this situation?




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What we did for courses that spanned longer than a semester or a year --


We put an asterisk next to a few of the electives that were done over a time period exceeding a normal semester. Then at the bottom of the grade section of the transcript we put "coursework extended outside normal semester schedule".

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