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Considering moving to New Mexico question?

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I currently live in TX and we don't have a state tax just wondering how does that work out? About what is the percentage ? Do you have to pay school taxes there? We do and it's based on property value do you pay that ? I am just trying to evaluate if this is a good idea considering we are a single income family.


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We no longer live in NM but...

We have lived in both Texas & NM.

The state has an income tax, but lower property taxes than Texas. It sort of evened out with sales tax and all.

I think the state funds the schools with taxes off the oil fields, unless it's been changed the last few years.

I'd worry more about you will be paying for water!

Where in the state are you thinking of moving to?


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Sorry, we only keep up with the southern part of the state near Alamogordo.

We have not lived in the Albuquerque area in 20 years.

There is a comparision website somewhere, let's you plug in zip codes for 2 places and what you earn say in Texas & what you would need for the same in another place. We found that helpful in our move from N.M. to Pa.

I found the link while searching for homes, sorry don't remember it.


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