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Reading the fast way - 100EL/Funnix


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I'm assuming this technique is just to gain fluency... Abby can do most of the 8-10 words on the list. These are words she's sounded out a few exercises in the past. Lately, though, she has to sound out a word or two in the list. I'm assuming this is normal. It doesn't typically take long. She does better reading without sounding out in a story, partly because she uses reasoning/pictures as clues.


She's at lesson 78 in Funnix and reading simple readers like Green Eggs and Ham, Little Critter, etc.


Perfectly normal and fine, right?

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I was asking myself the same question last week. My ds is 4 and we are now on lesson 34 of 100EZ. We do between 5 and 7 lessons then go back and repeat the lessons. Last week when we started lesson 29 or so the book introduced reading the words the fast way. My son didn't get it the first time through, but now the second time through he is starting to read some words the fast way. I think it is a gradual progression. Did you start with 100 Easy Lessons? How do you like Funnix. I downloaded the program, but for now 100EZ is working well for us. I plan on using Funnix 2 when we finish the 100EZ book.

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