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EASY Singapore bar model explanation


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My poor sister. Math has always been the bane of her existence. Her first graders are coming home with word problems that she can't figure out. (Honestly I think she could do it if she didn't have this huge mental/emotional hangup about math, but that's a major roadblock at this point.) She has enough self-esteem issues without being embarrassed and ashamed in front of her kids b/c she can't help with their homework!


Is the Singapore bar model method something she could figure out? Or is too intuitive? Can you point me toward the EASIEST, MOST STRAIGHTFORWARD resource for her?



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Guest Dulcimeramy

I would also suggest that she check with the school for help. Assistance might be there for the asking.


Our local elementary schools switched to Everyday Math this year (grrrr) but I do give them credit for trying to transition the parents to their new methods.


Parents can email teachers with math questions, access an Everyday Math help website, and even attend free tutoring sessions at the school two nights per week.


My dentist's assistant was telling me about it. She said it has still been frustrating and difficult at times for her to help her daughter with homework, but she does have people she can ask for help.

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I took an Ed2go course online & learned about the Singapore Bar method. She may want to check into that. It opened my eyes to a whole new world of problem solving, and I'm not all that great at math either! ;)


ETA: http://www.ed2go.com/CourseDetails.aspx?query=singapore+math&course=4sm&tab=detail


She probably doesn't really need them, but she can also earn CEUs for the course if she registers through a community college. I think it was $65 for the course when I took it last summer.

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I had a hard time with bar diagrams (and I'm an engineer!) when we first started SM. I found this great website that helped me and my kids as we transitioned to SM. It has a video to watch, an example to work w/the computer, and then problems to do on your own.




Welcome to the WTM forum!



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