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If you had some Lego to sell....

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How much are you selling them for? LOL.


I'd try Craig's List, as you don't have to pay fees. But, that would depend on how active your local Craig's List is. Your local homeschooling yahoo group would be a good place too. Some areas have homeschool sale/swap lists.

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That's the thing, I'm not sure how much to sell them for. They are the older versions, about 3 yrs old. I believe that all the pieces are still there and they still have their original boxes.


I also have a big play set, which again I think has all the pieces.


How do you go about pricing these things?

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I'd try selling them on ebay. Try a search for "lego bionicle lot" you can see the current listings and then look at completed listings.


My 9 yo son informed me yesterday that with his bday money from his grandparents, he wants to use half for bidding on ebay for bionicles! Apparently there are older models that he would still like to have.


Hmm - maybe you could sell them to him! I just asked how much he would spend and he said $5 per bionicle if all the pieces are there and the box. Remember originally they cost between $8.99 - $9.99.

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