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PA Hoeschoolers AP classes -- reviews, please?

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My son is just finishing AP English literature with Mrs. Green. He feels very prepared for the test next Thursday, and he's sad for the class to end. He loves Mrs. Green! She just sent him an "AP survival pack" with all kinds of things to help (some funny) for the test. She's just wonderful, and I highly recommend her class.

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We have done a bunch --


APUSH -- Mr. Daniel Burns

AP Eng Lang. -- Ms. Bethany Gilmour

AP Eng Lit -- Mrs. Debra Bell

AP Comp Govt

AP US Govt

AP Economics


They all did an amazing job preparing my kids for their respective AP exams. I highly recommend ALL of the ones we have taken, and I have heard nothing but praise for many others -- biology, the other section of APUSH, coputer science, etc.


I don't think you can go wrong with PAH.

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We've done:

AP European History

AP Art History

AP US History (Mrs. Richman)

AP World History

AP Psychology (Mrs. Gonzales)


All have been great classes. I can't praise them highly enough. Although the classes have different styles (e.g., Mrs. Harrison, who teaches Euro and World History, is pretty tough and no-nonsense, whereas Mrs. Richman is much less formal and an easier grader), I think they do an excellent job preparing students for the exams. My DD got a 4 in Euro History (after really struggling with her essay-writing throughout the year) and a 5 in Art History. My DS hasn't taken his exams yet, but I can't imagine he could be any better prepared. He really loves the interaction with the teacher and other students. We are planning to register for three next year and I expect equally good things :)

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My ds has took AP Human Geography this year through PAH. This class is very hard to find on-line so I'm glad they added it this year. The class has been excellent, the teacher is top-notch. She has extensive experience with the subject and the AP test in particular (as a grader) so we felt she would prepare the class well. We'll see in a few weeks!



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