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Proud moment!

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I started home schooling DD8 and my DS6 this year after some poor teaching methods lead to DD having trouble learning to read and losing major self-confidence in the process. (It was a real mess!) Anyway, I've been working hard with her all year on reading/phonics and she's been gaining skills and self confidence. (It's hard for her because DS6 is academically gifted and is reading at a 5th grade level...poor girl! She can't help but compare herself, though she's well in the normal range...). Anyway, we've had some real hurdles in terms of her emotions, but she's been steadily getting better and beginning to believe in herself.


All that to say, today she passed a major milestone! She picked up an abridged version of Black Beauty today (designed for 2nd to 4th graders!) and she read through the first chapter with very little help and NO tears! She was excited about the story and plans to finish the book with me over the next week or two. :hurray: This is huge for her because she's kept to very easy readers out of fear of failure, when she is definitely capable of more.


We're not making a really big deal about it because she hates that, but WOW! Had to come here and tell someone...I could not be more proud of her! Anyone want to throw a cyberparty with me since I can't do it at home? Thanks!



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Thanks, everyone! I'm so excited for her that I've been calling grandmas around the country to let them know! :D She also just successfully completed a portion of the state mandated standardized testing, which is a big deal for her since she freaks over tests...I'm doing cartwheels!


She's off playing with some little girls she recently met in the neighborhood (one just a few minutes ago!), which is also a big thing for her! She's shy, so riding off on a mini-moped with a new friend is a BIG ole deal! What a banner day for DD!

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