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Another dog question....

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My husband rescued a Chihuahua out of the middle of the street. It was shaking like crazy, and about to be hit by a car.


We are still putting up signs, and trying to find his owner. In the meantime, I've gotten rid of his fleas, but I'm concerned about how skinny he is.


I have wet dog food, but he won't even sniff it, much less eat it.


I put a little goat milk on some dry food. He licked off the milk, but won't eat the dog food. He has his adult teeth, and they look like they are in great shape, so that isn't the problem.


Any ideas on how to get him to eat?

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IS it big dog food chunks? They might be too big for him? How long have you had him, did you just find him? He might be too scared to eat. Chix are scared cats, ours is a chix mix and if it even starts to rain he head for under the blanket!



maybe that will help


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He may just be feeling too nervous to eat. You could try some chicken and rice, or just let him figure out that what's there is what there is - he will eat when he gets hungry enough, I think.


You could call your vet and ask for advice, or a local rescue organization. I know the one who gave us our dog has lots of great info and the people who run it are very knowledgeable about all kinds of animal issues.

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If he is frightened, you need to give him something very appealing - don't worry particularly about healthy, or "dogly". Boiled chicken, or some boiled hamburger with rice, chicken soup, may work. If all else fails, a cut up hot dog? Some animals will go off food and you kind of need to jump start them again with anything it takes. Is he drinking water? Going to the bathroom?

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