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How does this look for next year?


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I think I've finally decided what to use next year. Today we made the decision to bring DS#3 home. Please feel free to make suggestions.


DS#2 (8th grade)


Critical thinking 1

Growing with Grammer

Soaring with Spelling

Art of Problem Solving Algebra

Paragraph writing made Easy

CLE Reading 800


DS#3 (4th grade)


Growing with Grammer

Soaring with Spelling

CLE math

CLE reading


Both boys


Stephen Hawking physics

Free Form Latin


All American History

Home School in the Woods explorers

Trail guide to the US geography


DD (kindergarten)

Song School Latin

McRuffy Math

Hooked on Phonics

Rod and Staff preschool workbooks

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Your K looks just like our K did - Lol! :D My daughter LOVED those R&S workbooks (esp that polar-themed one). I can't comment on the 8th grader, but 4th grade looks like fun! We also use GWG and my kids are doing a great job with it. I looked at Soaring with Spelling before (we use BJU Spelling) and it looks great, too.


Have a good year! :001_smile:

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