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Favorite LA for K/1st


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Loved Phonics Pathways, supplemented with Primary Phonics readers, Bob Books, Dr. Suess' Early Readers, and Pathway Readers. Incorporated some Montessori ideas, too--added a little fun. Also used ETC "pre" books and ETC 1. Also liked Modern Curriculum Press first phonics book (can't think of the title, but it was a little more colorful than ETC 1).


Liked SWO for first and second grade.


Found Rod and Staff 2 to be too early--


Oh, and really liked Adventures in Phonics C for 2nd grade (and could have finished it in 3rd, but dd went to ps that year).


We just read real books, did phonics and spelling, and wrote via narrations in history.

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I am planning on using Primary Language Lessons (for 1st grade).


This is a place where you can get it workbook style (it will be out in the next couple of weeks). I liked the content of FLL, but my girlie is a workbooky girl, so that is what drew us to this site for PLL. I haven't seen Growing with Grammar at that level yet, but I was considering that too.


All About Spelling hands down for spelling/phonics (we have also used the Explode the code workbooks, which are pretty good).

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