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Question about Notgrass World History and literature....

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I am planning on my dd doing Notgrass World History and doing most of literature as well. My question is: I know Notgrass doesn't have literary analysis...would it be too much to also do maybe BJU Elements of Literature or Lightning Literature? Or Progeny Press guides for a few books, and how many books would you use the guide for?


I don't want to overburden my daughter, but I'm drawn to all of these approaches, which are very different. BJU seems like it would be easier because it's more structured, and gives a broader range of stories and such. My thought, also, is that it is meant to be one semester, right? So if I spread it out to a year, along with Notgrass literature...would that be overkill?


What's your opinions about these literature courses: BJU, LL, and Progeny Press?





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Are you still around? Not sure how this got by with no answers!


I heard that Notgrass had lit as well, and kept the student very busy. I haven't used it though.


What grade/how old is your daughter? My dd is 11 and will be doing the Lightning Lit 7 next year. That's how I'm introducing her to lit. She reads a lot, but hasn't done the analysis.

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My daughter finished while ago LLC British and is in the last chapters of Notgrass World History. She like them both and next year she wants LLC American Lit and Notgrass American History. This time I will select the writing to skip alternatively the writing assignments. Some time one from LLC Ame or one of Notgrass.


What I am going to avoid this coming year is having writing from both at the same time. These are not the only subjects that require writing, so I want to balance somehow her assignments.



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I'd say it depends on the student.... I did Notgrass World this year with a 9th grader, and at the same time LL8, because I felt he was weak on doing lit analysis without major handholding. We also added in the PP guides for A Tale of Two Cities, and a Wizard guide for Pride and Prejudice. I had intended to use PP guides for other books, but decided we were overloading him a bit. I did few of the writing assignments in either, since we were also using Put That in Writing, and English could often take a couple of hours or more per day.


This particular student has a weakness in language skills, so what was too challenging for him might be okay for another student.

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