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anyone here have sucess using R&S spelling by sound and structure ???


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I think it's been a successful series for our homeschool. We've been using it since 3rd grade, and the best part for me is the continual review of phonics and spelling rules. I think this review has not only helped them to spell words correctly, but also to sound out and pronounce new words they encounter in their literature. I've identified the ability to pronounce unfamiliar words as a goal for our homeschool because I think I was taught to read using the whole word approach. I still struggle with sounding out new words that I've never seen; so much so, that I purchased a Franklin talking dictionary to keep with me when I read aloud.


Another area of spelling success is that my boys usually place in our local homeschool spelling bee. Of course, the spelling bee words are not the same as R&S, but each grade usually ends up going to the next level of words to find the place winners. I think that because of their continued phonics work, my boys are very comfortable (and somewhat successful) in spelling out unfamiliar words. My 5th grader placed second this year; he only missed the word "militia" from the 6-7th grade list. Some of the grades are fairly competitive.



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