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Tax rebate?

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I just checked our bank account and it posted today.. last digits here are 13, so we knew it would come by today :001_smile:


Too bad, the money won't be used for fun..

We need one of our vehicles fixed, but it's only about 400 dollars, so there will be some left for whatever we decide..probably curriculum for next year.

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Guest Shanna


Here is a link so you can find the exact date of your check. Mine wasn't wonderful news. I still don't understand. If we get a direct deposit and our number is 01, why don't we get our check by today?



Did that link work for anyone? I keep getting "

You may have made a mistake. Please verify your personal tax data."

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I'm wondering if they're generally coming early or on time.


Has anyone from a high ss # gotten theirs yet? We're supposed to be no later than May 16, but I've heard of them coming earlier. I'm praying ours comes early.


About half of ours is going to the orthodontist. :glare:

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Okay, the chart says May 2nd. The website thingy said May 8th. And now it's still not there and I'm NOT happy! Our number is "01" GRRRRRRRRR


We're using ours for:



electric dog fence


car repairs

medical stuff (we have to pay then the HSA pays us back)

juicer and food processor


Now will they just deposit it already!

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When you filed your taxes, did you do direct deposit? Our ss ends in 04 and we received our rebate on the 2nd. I think that's when you should of had yours deposited by, right? Maybe you're getting a check in the mail by the 16th?

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Where is that written? And why wasn't that explained up front? The date that is on our tax return about the eco. stim check was even May 2nd! We did Jackson Hewitt, btw, if that matters. It just is frustrating that they have given us two dates now (two saying the 2nd, one saying the 8th) and yet no check (hubby checked after work).


I guess if it's mailed, it'll be okay. It's really not THAT big of a deal, I guess. I just want it. LOL

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