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What's a handy way to organize neckties?

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The key with a necktie hangar, is to slide the tie in sort of from the side, so that you can remove any one tie without messing with the rest. We have the kind with 10 or so hooks on each side - they hang in the closet like a regular hangar. If you turn the whole thing 90 degrees, and put the ties on, then you can turn it back and have them all neat and tidy, but be able to take off one at a time. We have a *significant* tie collection, as my ds's wear them regularly, and dh wears them now and again.


If your dh only wears a few of the ones he has, it might be time to let some go. They usually sell well in thrift shops, so you'd be blessing the charity as well as the buyer - perhaps someone on a job interview or someone with a new job or a low-income kid on a private school scholarship or a creative seamstress.

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My dh wears a tie every day and he has a great way to organize them: he throws them on the floor and I pick them up. It works for him, but not so much for me. After many many "discussions" about this method they are finally making their way into the closet, where we just use a plain old regular hanger to hang them on. Not the greatest invention, but it's cheap and it works.

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