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timeline figures: how else do you use them?

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We've been keeping a timeline notebook at our house, but today we decided to take our extra set of SOTW AG timeline cards and post them up onto poster board as a large linear timeline.


I have the Homeschool in the Wood figures....I'm thinking of making a board game or matching cards or somehow better utilizing this resource. Any ideas? We're just finishing up SOTW 4 and getting ready to move into TOG1 next week. As my 9 year old is just starting to edge into the logic stage, I want to help him have fun while making connections.

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You could print doubles of them and just one of something (like maybe it would be fun to print a card with SWB's picture on it) and play Old Maid. ;)


You could do a lotto-ish game, using something for markers. Just resize them and put them on a grid, and print a second set of cards. You could make several lotto boards. Or you could just put years on the grid boards and then turn the card over to see what year it would be--if they have the year of the event or person, then they cover it with a marker. (Skittles work great...)


You could use them for lapbooking.


You could use them as notebook page pictures (that's what we did with Hannah's from hannah's homeschooling helps yahoo group).


You could make a board game of some kind, maybe with colored squares on a path, and then a bunch of "timeline" squares. If you land on the timeline square, you have the opportunity to gain a card (one who ends with the most cards wins the game). Maybe you could do Which came first? questions, and then they win a card from the pile if they can order two events or two people's lives, or something like that. Or you could make a question about the place or decade or country in which a person lived. Get the idea?

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