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What is the Great Schools Ranking of Your Local PS Elementary School?

What is the Great School Rank?  

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  1. 1. What is the Great School Rank?

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All the schools in the area I live in currently rate an 8,

The school my oldest went to for part of 1st in another part of our current state rates a 7.


The school my oldest went to for K is an N/A but it's in the school district I graduated from in WI and all of the other schools in that district are rated a 9 or 10.


Had we kept him in PS the school in FL he would have attended is a 9, but the middle school he would have moved on to is a 3.

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The neighborhood elementary, where my kids would have gone, got a 9 and 5 stars.


The middle school my son attends got an 8 and 4 stars. I looked further and 6th grade (which Luke is in) got a 9 (7th got an 8, 8th got a 9). The GT program got a 10. He just got a referral for GT from his math teacher yesterday, so this is interesting to me. I don't really think he is GT, but it's nice to know they have such a good program.


How about yours, Bill?

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A 3! :( They are well under the state averages for testing in all areas for several years in a row. This could be due to people opting out and taking a zero, but honestly, I was very disappointed when ds went there in 2nd/3rd grade. The overcrowding/low $$ for staff, was being worked through by using student teachers who were running classrooms independent of the teacher (who would be out of the room doing something else entirely). It is very, very overcrowded. Falling part. Few resources. Extracurriculars with a fee only. Small school, good teachers, poor infrastructure, seriously outdated, poor community support.

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Our local elementary school ranks a 4, although it got a 4 out of 5 star rating by those who submitted personal reviews.


When I was rummaging around on the website I noticed a Los Angeles elementary school with a 2 ranking that got 4 stars from parents :001_huh:



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I just checked the schools for dh's hometown,


The elementary got a 3, the middle school a 4 and the high school a 7. Funny thing is the schools are actually all one large school in one big building, that's how small the town is. It takes up about a 2 block sq. across the street from my IL's house.

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The schools in our zip are 6-9 with one 10, a magnet high school. The ES my kids would go to is the 6 of course lol.


The suburb we just moved from that is smooshed up next to the suburb we are in now is where my step children were going to school a year ago before we married and the ES where DSD was is a 4 and the MS where DSS was is a 3.

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I'm curious, if you go to http://www.greatschools.org and search for your local elementary school. How does it rank?




Our local ps elementary school gets 2 out of 10.


ETA: The elementary school at which my MIL teaches gets a 9. That's the next city over and a different district. The only school in my district that gets a 10 is the elementary school attended by my nieces and nephew. The middle school my kids would go to ranks 8 and the high school ranks 8.

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The Elementary they attended is a 5 - the closest magnets are rated 2 and 1. (They attended a year round school for a partial year that is now closed.)


The Middle they would have gone to is a 7 - the other two closest are a 5 and 4.


The High school is a 5 or a 4. Not sure which one we're in the district for.


Overall the school system is rated 6.

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All the schools in my area received between a 5 and 10, most are 8 or 9. The 2 lowest have 1 and 2 ratings. however, those are alternative schools for students with severe emotional and behavioral issues. Even though the ratings are low, my child wouldn't be attending there.

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The elementary is an 8 which is around what I expected since it's a pretty good school. If I look at the test scores by subject, 3rd graders were 86% for meeting or exceeding standards in reading (pretty good) and 76% in math.


Our middle school is ranked 7 which astounds me since it has a reputation for gangs, and poor academics. If you look at the test scores by subject, 6th graders were 69% for meeting or exceeding standards in reading and 56% in math. To me, those test scores don't go with a ranking of 7.


Our high school is ranked 7. If I look at the test scores by subject, 10th graders were 80% for meeting or exceeding standards in reading, 50% in science, 83% in writing, and only 51% in math.

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The elementary is a 7, the Jr. High & High Schools are 8s.


I have to say that I'm a bit skeptical of the worth of their criteria though as my High School is also ranked an 8 and it is a U.S. News & World Report medal school and is regularly courted by prestigious colleges with a record of sending students to the Ivies.


ETA: I also just looked up the High School I worked at and it was a 10, which convinces me the ratings are not accurate. I taught there and it was much less rigorous than the High School I attended with its 8.

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The elementary school DS would attend if not homeschooled ranks a 9.


The middle school he'd attend ranks a 7.


The high school he'd attend ranks a 4.




The above doesn't surprise me - the test scores in our area show that the kids generally do well at the elementary school level (district wide they rank 7 to 9) if you look at scores - but the middle schools and high schools have a big decline (district wide MS ranks with 4 to 7 and HS ranks with 2 to 5) and it shows, not only in test scores but also just when you talk to the kids around here.

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Mine is a 9. The other two elementary schools are 8 and 10. I moved to this neighborhood specifically because it had good schools.


The middle school I withdrew my ds from is an 8.

The high school he didn't graduate from is a 10.


The charter school I'm considering for my dd is an 8.

The charter school that hosts my dd's enrichment progam is a 10.

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I'm sure I could figure it out by reading the site, but do you know already?


I am not entirely sure. Since the site has a lot of test score data my assumption is that they have some sort of scheme based on those scores. I don't know. And I can't say the rankings are "valid" either, but the scores of schools I'm familiar with in our area match pretty well with their reputations.



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