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I am really confused! Saxon math...

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My dd is finishing up 7/6 this year, and I am trying to decide which level I need for next year. When my oldest was going through, they went straight into Alg. 1/2. Now, though, they have an 8/7 level. I'd like to go straight to the Alg. 1/2 since I have it...but don't want to skip some important concept or something.




btw, she is using the fourth edition of 7/6, and we have the third edition of Alg. 1/2.

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I recently asked Art Reed about this, and he told me that if my son passes the last 5 tests of 7/6 with 85% or higher then we should move to Alg. 1/2.

Thank you! We aren't quite there yet, but I anticipate that she'll fly through them - she doesn't like math, but she's good at it.


One less thing to buy!:D

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Basically you would be missing out on an extra year of fact drills and cementing of percents/decimals, etc.


For those using the newer homeschool editions, pre-algebra has been added to 87 so that at the completion of 87 they'd go into Algebra 1.


Since you already have an edition of Algebra 1/2 - just use it, especially if you think she's proficient in the basics.

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