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For those who switched from SM US to Standards


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If you switched from the US edition to the Standards edition, did you find the workload to be much more? Was it difficult to use the supplemental books with the standards edition? Are there any supplemental materials that just didn't work with it?


I love the amount of practice in US, and I love using the supplemental materials. However, I also love the HIG and I have just realized that the HIG for 1A/1B US is formatted like the more user-friendly Standards edition HIGs. If I am wrong on this, please correct me, but this is how it appears after looking at the samples online.

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If you use the IP and CWP, you will need to find the correct topic as they aren't always in the same order (I have the complete series of the old CWP so for me it's a matter of finding it in a different book).


There are also many more reviews in the Stds. ed. but you can always skip those (or do them 1 semester behind like we are).


I found it a very easy switch when we did it after 3B.

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