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? about Apologia General Science

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I'm looking at using this for my oldest. Come September, she'll be almost 12yo, and in 7th Grade. I tend to get most of my curricula from Christianbook.com because overall, it's cheapest for me (I'm in UK) although other suppliers are not out of the question - provided they will ship to me of course!


So.. please could you hold my hand here. What do I need to get for her?


We do best with materials that lay it all out for us, sometimes even too much stuff, so that we skip bits if it's overkill for my dc, rather than having something that we need to add to. Perhaps I'm not far enough along with our homeschool journey - or not imaginative enough - to do that.


Any advice appreciated.. :001_smile:

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When we used Apologia General Science in 7th grade, I bought the GS set from CBD, and the corresponding kit from Home Training Tools. We didn't need anything else. Apologia is easy to do at home. Dd did most of it independently.


When you say "the GS set", do you mean the set with the Textbook and Tests and Solutions?


I saw a kit on CBD - is that the same - or very similar to - the one you have?


Do you do any writing (apart from the tests, obviously), and if so what do you use?

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I use this with my boys when they are using the Apologia texts. It is a great resource for doing vocabulary and for labs. http://www.knowledgeboxcentral.com/apgesclajo2n.html


I just found it on Currclick for just a bit less. I think I'll get it for our science co-op to use next year when we use this Apologia course. Thanks for the tip! I didn't know there was a notebook available until now.




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We also used the MP3 version of the text. That way my daughter could read the text and listen to it at the same time.


For the On Your Own questions and study guide, she used Live and Learn Press. The only difference between their product and Knowledge Box Central is that LLP is in color and doesn't produce a lab page. We used www.donnayoung.org for a schedule and lab pages. Anything lab related I purchase from Home Science Tools. I don't remember anything specifically for that text; it has been a few years.


Another issue we had was using a text for the first time. So she couldn't keep up at the schedule rate. I simply divided the text into two parts with chapters 1-8 being done in one year and finishing it the following year. There is a normal break with the last chapters being on the body.

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