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Pls Help with Islamic Studies Curriculum. Please?


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Assalamu alaikom wa rahmatullah,


I've been using http://www.noorart.com/school_section/i_love_islam_series_islamic_curriculum

for my KG, 3rd, and 4th graders. They've heard a lot of it before, but I didn't want to use two levels (maybe in the future I will, just not this year). I might get two levels up for my older ones.


The books are divided into units with about 4 or 5 chapters each. Print is big, lots of pictures, and little quotes and 'healthy habits' to remember at the end of each chapter. There's also a surah and a hadith at the end of each chapter. With this series you *could* spend a lot of time on each chapter if you used all the tools in there. You could memorize the nasheeds, the suras, and/or the ahadith. You could use the 4 or 5 vocabulary words as a game or puzzle. The info is in there, it just depends on how much further you want to go with it. The tafseer of the surah is also included along with transliteration.


At first glance the book might seem baby-ish or too easy, but like I said, you as a teacher can take it as far as you want.


There are some nice websites for the kids to play games:



And this sister has done an AMAZING job! I use a lot of her stuff. http://talibiddeenjr.blogspot.com/

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