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What's everyone doing for 7th grade?


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dd13 is in 7th this year. This is what we have used\are using:


Math - MUS Zeta and MUS Pre-algebra

Latin - Started out with Latina Christiana I but are currently using Latin Prep Book 1 with Workbooks 1 and 2

Grammar - Rod and Staff 5

Writing - Classical Writing\Homer A and WTM recommendations for writing across the curriculum

Literature - Figuratively Speaking and Literature selections from Ambleside Yr. 5, 6 and 7

Logic - The Fallacy Detective

History - Interest Projects on the origins of the dog and currently Mythology

Science - Interest Project on Astronomy and currently reading through a Prentice Hall high school Biology book. We've also done a myriad of misc. science experiments that didn't really tie to anything but were just brought about by curiosity.


She also plays the piano everyday but doesn't take formal lessons and takes riding\jumping lessons.

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just started working on this... so far, my plans for my dd next fall are:

AO 5


Caught ya! Grammar with a Giggle

A Beka Science Order & Reality

Life of Fred PreAlgebras

maybe continue with CLE Math too


Figuratively Speaking

Fallacy Detective and/or Thinking Toolbox

Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain

guitar lessons

finish Getting Started with Latin, then go to Linney's second book, or to Latin Prep

L'Art de Lire, or Spanish Made Simple

probably will tweak this over the weekend and start slowly buying my curriculum as I can...money here is so tight!

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My dd12 has just started 7th grade and she is using:


Math: Saxon 87 (continued on from last year)

LA: Sonlight LA with Wordly Wise and Keys to Good Language

History/Geog/Bible: Sonlight Core 5

Science: SL Sci 5 (continued from last year)

Art: Feed My Sheep art program

Music: Piano, and Elements of Music program

Elective: she wants to learn patchwork so will work through Fabric Fun for Kids

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Plans for September:


Math: Saxon 7/6

English: Spelling Workout E, MCP Word Study E, Rod and Staff English 6, WWE 4/WWS

Critical Thinking: Mind Benders and Red Herrings

World Studies (History): Yr 3 - 1600-1850 - Reading books and outlining texts a la WTM

Latin: Latin for Children A

French: L'art de Lire

Science: Apologia General Science

ABRSM Piano Grade 1 and Music Theory Grade 2

RAD Ballet Intermediate Foundation

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Did you mean currently? or planning for next year?


My oldest will be 7th next year....so this is still in the "thinking" stage...


Bible - Bible Study Fellowship - Acts

History/Geog/Lit. - Probably TOG finish yr2 begin yr3

Science - maybe Apologia General

LA - SWO F - grammar undecided (maybe CLE 600)

Math - CLE 600

Spanish - Visual Link

Extras - Chess, Co-op w/P.E. and JV Basketball, etc.


When I see all the probably/maybe/undecided... I'm not sure I'm much help! :lol: (Well, maybe it will be helpful to me to see it in black ink and finish deciding soon).

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This is what my oldest uses/used. He has had a "brain fog year" that started in 6th, mingled with a hefty dose of tween mood swings, and we've been repairing the snapped wiring on his internal motivator sensor. :tongue_smilie:


Grammar: R&S English

Writing: Classical Writing OB (Even though he's done Aesop and some Homer. It seemed like the best path for him, and it's worked out well.)

Spelling/vocab: R&S 7, and we put a strong focus on derivatives in our Latin study

Literature: VP's transitions list, and more in history

Logic: Traditional Logic 1

Latin: Latin for Children and into Latin Alive (started LFC late)

Math: R&S

History: VP's elementary, beefed up with more lit/writing

Science: ACS's Middle School Chemistry, and some Apologia's General Science


My second will use the following, assuming her brain doesn't turn to mush between then and now.

Grammar: R&S English

Vocabulary: R&S 7, derivative study in Latin

Writing: Classical Writing Diogenes Maxim

Latin: Latin Alive 2

Logic: Traditional Logic 1

Math: Lial's algebra 1

Science: finish General Science and head into Apologia's Physical

History and literature: Omnibus 3 with Spielvogel's Western Civilization

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Here's our plan for the fall:


History, Literature: TOG Year 2 Units 3 and 4 /Year 3 Units 1 and 2

Math: Saxon 8/7

Science: BJU 6

Grammar, Writing: Rod and Staff 7

Vocabulary from Classical Roots B

Latin Alive 1

Traditional Logic 1

First Start French

Explorer's Bible Study

He also wants to do Elementary Greek and BJU's Literature. I think our plate is already full, so we'll see...

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My older son in 7th this year is using:


Math - TT Pre-Alg

Writing - IEW Medieval themed book

Grammar - R&S 7

Spelling - SWO-G

History/Literature - MFW RTR

Science - first year of Rainbow Science

Basketball and tennis



My other son will be in 7th next year. Tentative plan:


Math - TT7

Writing - IEW SWI B

Grammar - All in One series (from MFW)

Spelling - AAS 5

History/Literature - SL core 4

Science - SL core 4

Basketball and tennis and guitar

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History, Bible & Science -- MFW Expl-1850 (had started it earlier this year, but decided to put it on hold a year)


Apologia General Science


Saxon Math


Foreign Language -- Continue dabbling in French and Latin rather loosely.


Language Arts:

-- Continue with Building Spelling Skills from CLP

-- Undecided about the rest, but it's either going to be MFW recommendations (All-in-One Grammar, Writing Strands & Progeny Press), or Abeka or CLE. I'm working on our LA decision right now.


Fine Arts:

-- Ballet

-- Music studies in Expl-1850

-- Piano either taught by older sis, or going back to formal lessons if we can afford it

-- Undecided about Art

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We'll be using:


Math: Saxon

English: Rod & Staff

Greek: Elementary Greek

Latin: Latin Alive (I think)

Writing: Writing Strands, WTM Writing, Killgallon, Exploring Poetry

History/Literature: SL7, Figuratively Speaking

Geography: Map Trek, and I think we're going to work through Evan Moor's new 7 Continent series (the Europe on will be here today, and if I like it, we'll keep with them).

Logic: Critical Thinking Books 1 & 2

Spelling: Sequential Spelling

Vocabulary: Dynamic Literacy


My boys get art and some science at a one day a week enrichment program. We'll continue with Judo, piano, and Trampoline & Power Tumbling, but I think we're going to drop Public Speaking for a year or two.

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