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10yo girl history summary

Karen in CO

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She just started writing history summaries, and this is her first one. I didn't give her any instruction other than to summarize the information she read. This is unedited.



James I



After his coranation in 1603, James began to "purify" the English church of Catholic Religen which led to the 1605 gun powder plot led by Guy Fawkes. James also believed in devine right which claimed that a ruler could do as he whished and was responsible only to God. In 1625, James was sucsesed by his son Charles I of England.


James was the son of Mary Queen of Scots, heir to Queen Elisabeth I of England, and founder of the Jamestown colony. He was James I of England and James VI of Scotland. His rule lasted from 1603 to 1625.




---- its really hard to type in mispellings. ;)

--She is writing a summary of the King James Bible's place in history so she left that out of the summary on purpose.

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I think that she was successful in selecting the main facts.


Having said that, by age 10 my DD was writing much longer summaries than this, although they were still true summaries rather than retellings of the whole lessons.


If your DD is just starting to do this on her own, I think that they are good. I would let her do a few like this and then start to encourage her to add the 2-3 most important supporting details in each topic. That segues nicely into outlining later on.

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Karen, she did a great job for her first attempt at summarizing history. What I did here was to have my son read the material, close the book and then write down what he thought were the main points in quick notes. From there he wrote his summary. There are so many different ways to approach the process. Is your dd an avid reader? If she didn't pull sentences from the book, there is a level of sophistication to her sentence construction that shows promise. I'll bet her writing will progress quickly.

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