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Help w dd getting into English Major @ William & Mary College 0r???

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What should she do to be a 'well rounded' applicant?


What should we know to get our daughter into a good University for English Major? Her goal is to be an English Professor at the college level.


She is very gifted in English - She was reading Dick and Jane at age two.


She discovered William and Mary University and that is her ONLY choice so far. She did not know SWB was affiliated with this college. However, I fear that her GPA is too low to be accepted there :001_unsure: Is there anything she can do to up her chances of being accepted?


She is 20 and will have her A.S. in three months from a U.S. school in KS.

Her GPA is around 3.30

Will be graduating Dean's List/Honors

She is living at home with us in Europe - and will be attending an American university here to start working on her B.S. - through a university here that has a branch on the U.S. military instillation near us. It is University of Maryland - any feedback on the general perception of degrees from this college?????


Does she need to take the SATs? I would think not since she will already have her A.S. in May.


Is starting her B.S. here going to affect chances of getting accepted into a university in the U.S?


What should she start doing now to better his odds of being accepted?


Should she complete his B.S. here before planning to apply?


What am I not thinking of to help prepare her for success on his college path?


Please do not flame me for asking these questions instead of her asking. She is researching too.


Thank you all so much for sharing your wisdom!

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