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please help me get the smoke smell out of the house!

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It's a day later and it still smells like a pack of smokers live here. Last night I left a pan on the burning during a power outage, and when we got home the power had come back on, burning the potatoes and melting the pot. The house was filled with smoke. i have fans running, I just bought a second one so I have it set with one blowing out the garage/kitchen door and one on the counter that is half way between the back door and the garage door. I'm trying to get a stiff breeze going through the house.


I took out all the loose cushions on the couches and put them outside, after febreze'ing them. I sprayed febreeze on anything cloth, but I'm thinking of spraying it on everything. I washed the walls I could reach, but we have vaulted ceilings, so I can't reach everything.


Any other ideas?

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that happened when I was a kid--the pan melted to a puddle on the stove and smoky chicken grease coated everything in the entire house. My parents brought in servicemaster, and I believe that is when they purchased their own ozone machine, which has come in handy numerous times since then.

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