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Saving seeds?

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I'm listening in on this one!

Last year we harvested hundreds of seeds from Bells of Ireland, Columbine, Pride of Gibraltar, and Bachelor Buttons.

After harvesting them I just put them into labeled paper envelopes, and let them be. The pride of Gibraltar is already growing, and we've now planted the others. I have no idea if they'll sprout..


It's hard to feel too successful with this, when it's been more luck and winging it. :001_smile:

I'd really like to learn the proper way to do this.


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If you are saving vegetable seeds they must come from "open pollinated" plants not "hybrid" plants.


The hybrids do not grow true to type from seed. Some hybrid seeds are patented, and it is against the law to save and replant them (Thanks to the political power of giant biotech giants like Monsanto and Seminis). Look for seed catalogs that sell organic seed like Fedco, Pinetree Seeds or Johnny's Selected Seeds. Just google "organic seed catalogs." These catalogs will tell you in the description if the seed is hybrid or open-pollinated.

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some seeds might need treatment to stop pests infesting them. I have found that bean seeds need to be frozen for 24 hours to stop a borer beetle. I think they must lay eggs just under the skin of the bean, if I put them in a jar, then freeze then remove from the freezer and don't open the jar until I am ready to plant then I have no problem.

Other seeds like lettuce like to be cooled just before planting, so the y have the idea that they have passed through a winter.

We have also found that carrot seeds germinate way better when we use our on seeds we presume because they are fresher.

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