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MFW K/1 LA vs SL K/1 LA and misc. ?'s


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Hi all.


This year I've been using MFW K for my oldest son. It's not bad, per se, just too easy. Right now we're doing 2-3 lessons per week. I'm a little concerned that 1st will be too easy, as well.


Two years ago we went through (and are still reading through) SL P4/5. After doing some research, I am very tempted to switch over to SL next year. I'll have a PK, K and 1st grader. My oldest LOVES science and really needs a thorough, well done Science curriculum. I need something laid out with more reading and less library trips.


My questions are:


1. What are the differences between MFW and SL for Language Arts in K and 1st? What are each programs strengths and weaknesses?


2. Which program makes it easier to do both grades?


3. When all is said and done, which will provide the strongest foundation?


If I continue with MFW the '12-'13 school year I'd be doing K, 1st and Adventures. I'm a little more confident that I could provide additional activities for three ages with SL, than I could having three in different MFW levels.


ANY advice, tips, anecdotes will be greatly appreciated!


Thanks everyone.



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I'm going through MFW K pretty quickly with my 6 yo twins. We do at least 2 lessons a week. I have not used MFW 1 yet but I have purchased it and have been looking it over because I'm hoping to start it in the next few weeks. MFW 1 reviews letter sounds and CVC words the first couple weeks but the phonics goes very quickly after that. I'm actually a little worried it will be too much for my son who is having quite a time with mastering CVC words. For example long a is introduced and then the next day another long vowel sound is introduced. I will probably have to slow down and supplement based on what I'm seeing.


I have never used Sonlight K but I did use Sonlight 1 LA with my oldest years ago. My dd is dyslexic and has tracking issues and the I Can Read It books were not a good choice for her so I wound up dropping it after around 6 weeks. I remember liking it but it just wasn't a good fit for my kid.

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I looked at MFW K and SL p4/5 and K for my current kindergartner. I actually went nuts and bought all three programs to look at! Anyway, I decided MFW looked too easy and so it was a toss up between p4/5 and K. (He could at the beginning of the year read cvc words.) I went with K because he likes having long chapter books read to him. And we went with LA 1. K is certainly much more rigorous and we easily could have waited a year but it's been fine and we like the I Can Read It books. I like that with either level you can adjust levels of LA, science etc.

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