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What is the best way to clean grout and tile floors??

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I had a Floormate once a long, long time ago. I don't have a lot of tile in my little ole place here, but I just don't feel they are as clean as they could be. It could be because the the humidity makes them feel damp and sticky, for lack of a better description. But I have noticed the grout isn't as light as I think it should be, too. So what saith the Hive, what's the best way to get those tile and grout floors cleaned??

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One important thing you can do is to be sure the grout is sealed well, and reseal it occasionally. That stops the grout from soaking in dirt and stains and makes it much easier to clean.


I am not sure that was ever done, because it's a rental. How can I make sure it is thoroughly clean before we try and seal it??

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When I had tile floors, my favorite cleaning method was a scrub brush and ammonia in water. I would sit on my bottom (my knees couldn't handle it), and scrub away at one tile at a time. Then, I'd follow with a clear water rinse using a rag or sponge.


I could only spend about 20-30 minutes a day on it, so it took about a week to get the whole house (kitchen, living room, entryway, and baths). I only did it once or twice a year. But ammonia is a great cleaner, it rinses well, and it's cheap!

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