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How many pages/day for MM5A/5B?


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I'm planning for dd to start 5A in a few weeks - we've been skipping and skimming our way through 4A/B to fill holes, etc. since we started hs-ing in January. I really want her to do the grade 4 final exam, which is kind of long, so I need to allot a few days for that. I guess we won't start 5A for another month. I'm looking forward to settling down and doing all the pages.


If the lesson is more review (as is quite a bit in the first chapter), she'll do more pages/fewer problems per page. Since it's not the start of a new school year and many of these things will be fresh, I think she'll do 3-4 pages per day to start. As we get further into completely new material, there are some lessons where I'm getting the urge to assign all/almost all of the problems. Surely that will bring us down to 2 pages. Also, the lesson length and layout of the pages vary enough that it will not be the same number of pages every day.


I'm occasionally adding in cumulative reviews from the previous chapter, though not necessarily every single problem in the CR. At some point I'd like to start doing the chapter tests as well, possibly when we start 5A.


I'm hoping to keep a light math schedule going over the summer (maybe 2-3x per week?), but that depends on what else dd is doing. I'm guessing we'll do no more than 2 pages then, maybe even 1.

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We are only in 4B right now, but I have figured out that two pages of MM along with one page of either a worksheet generated page of facts (like weight conversions, multiplying in parts, etc.), MEP 4B page, or a math puzzle (coloring page or something like that mixed with math facts to solve first) works great for my dd9. She is learning A LOT in MM this year. Up until this she was doing Saxon Math in ps. She seems to greatly prefer MM over what she has done in the past. I think we are on task for finishing up the Level 4 MM during the school year (end of August - end up May). I am planning on using Singapore IP Level 4a & b books during the summer along with MEP just a few days a week to keep her skills up to speed during the summer.

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