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In a panic re: selling house!

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I really feel like our walls are closing in on us. We live in a typical ranch style 3bd/1bath home. I turned our small dining room into the homeschool room and it is packed! Our livingroom has a couch, oversized chair, recliner, coffee table, entertainment center, bookshelf with movies on it, 4 end tables (all with stuff on it like my printer on one, laptop on another one) the 2yo's toys, a toddler slide thingy and SHOES! all piling out of the small closet in the front.


The 2 girls share a room which is equally packed with a huge castle bed, 2 dressers and 7yo's toys under the castle bed and their closet has all of the xmas stuff, clothes for the kids, some games and 'junk', our closet has all of the snowmobile stuff, my teen step dd's room has a bunk bed with the top used as storage and my sewing stuff is in there too since they only come over every other weekend. We have NO NO NO storage.


We found a house we really really love but need to sell our house (not really first, we just don't want 2 homes). It shouldn't really be a problem. We have a little 2 bedroom house in our backyard that we have rented out to the same renters for 10 years but DH doesn't want to keept this house and rent it out. He feels like we got lucky with one renter but don't want to be unlucky in getting one that trashes the house and we have to fix it. The realtor wants to come and take pictures on THURSDAY!!!! I asked her what I was going to do with all my "junk" and she said to stuff it in closets. It really isn't junk and I am not a 'hoarder' it is really stuff that we use. I need to spend all day tomorrow making my home "unlived in" and picture ready...ugh. Please tell me I am going to survive this. I have never sold a house before. I am hoping (and so is the realtor) that a rental company will jump on the chance to have 2 homes on one lot...and be done with it. I also hope that they take our offer on the other home, it is a short sale and it may take a while. Yikes..


The good news is that the new house is 100% remodeled, on 5 acres, I can have chickens and a garden.AND....drum roll.....it has a huge room that I am going to use for a homeschool room that is supposed to be a 2nd livingroom and a room off of the master bedroom that can be my sewing room and the girls can have their own rooms!!! We can actually eat at a dining room table instead of the livingroom!!!!

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I would rent a storage unit somewhere. Even the smallest, usually a 5x5, would go a long way to helping you keep things neat for showings and make it not so obvious that you have no storage in the current house. Or, I would buy one of those Rubbermaid storage sheds and put as much in totes that I could in there. People look in closets when they look at a house to buy.


I hope your house sells quickly and that the short sale does not take forever.

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