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Are these beans still boiling or is something bad happening?

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I canned 5 qts of pinto beans today (thought I thought I might get more out of 2 lbs of dry beans for some reason). So, I turned off the stove and let the pressure eliminate on it's own. After a while I removed the guage and a bit of steam released. I heard lids pop. I waited a while longer and removed the lid of the pressure cooker. I waited a bit longer and took the jars out.


The contents appear to be boiling. It's more of a good, strong simmer, really.


Now, I supppose, if the contents are really still boiling that would be okay, right? I didn't expect that but I guess it's okay.


If something else is happening, though, I think I might just worry about them. Could the air be releasing? The seal looks good, though.


:confused: What do you think?

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