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French Revolution favorite study aids

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After we had been introduced to the general happenings in the French Revolution, we enjoyed listening to the Jim Weiss CD, In the Reign of Terror. I would make sure your kids have heard of some of the famous names and events of the Reign of Terror first, then the story will make more sense.

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We enjoyed Paris 1789, A Child's History of the World (Hillyer) - French Revolution Sections, and a Royal Diaries book about Marie Antionette.


One fun thing we did was a "What to Wear in Paris" 1789 fashions page using some of the illustrations is Paris 1789.


For a Christian perspective on the French REvolution, I read the correlating sections of "How Should We Then Live" by Francis Schaeffer.




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It is lavishly illustrated with paintings from the time. It describes relevant people from all sides of the revolution, and those from other countries whose ideas informed French thought and actions at the time, as well as a lot of detail about the times before, during, and after the conflict.


Another book that I just love that has a pretty significant, if somewhat lighthearted, section on the French court is "Ben and Me," which is a very fictionalized version of the life of Ben Franklin. It was nice to read that section again after we read the other book--DD has read this book so many times, and so this really cemented the connection between what was going on in the US and what was going on in France at the same time.

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