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Planning with SSL


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We got our SSL in the mail today!!:party: The kids are chomping at the bit to start, and we've already listened to the CD through once, because they were just dying to. So, I'm going through the TM, and I don't really see any planning help. I had anticipated doing Latin 2 days a week, Tues and Thurs. Does that sound about right? (My kids who will be doing the actual workbooks, BTW, are 8 and 9. My 4 yo will be listening in, and doing the coloring pages with us.) Do you do one chapter a week? One chapter a day? Seems like a chapter a day might be a lot of vocab, but maybe they get used to it quickly? How do you implement SSL?

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:cheers2: That's great! I started SSL with dd when she was 5 years old. We started Sept. 2010 and we are on Lesson 21 now. We went really really SLOW because it was hard for her to remember the vocab. Something clicked later because the words she was having trouble with, she's remembering- so we are going a little faster now.

This is how we did it (not all the time but close):

Day 1 (could be a Mon, Tues, Wed, etc) Listen to Song while looking at lyrics on book (3-5x), Color 3 of her new words *These coloring pages helped her ALOT http://classicalacademicpress.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=16

scroll down to FREE SSL COLORING PAGES, after she colors them I tape them on our wall for her to see - then when she's memorized it, we put it in a binder.

Day 2 Listen to songs again (on repeat) while coloring vocab words

Day 3 Work on Workbook pages together

Day 4 Test her orally on her vocab

Day 5 Listen to songs and then test her again

MOVE on if she gets it - if she doesn't we move on and then go back to trouble words later


***They also have this free game - haven't used it yet because if she gets on the computer for a game, big bro will have to get on too --- that's no good. :001_smile: http://headventureland.com/index.php?option=com_fjrelated&view=fjrelated&layout=blog&id=0&Itemid=47


Good luck and have fun with it. It's just intro anyways....

Hopefully we'll be done by May or June!

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We are on week 22 and all of my kids (including my 2 yo) LOVE it!!


For my kids, twice per week is not enough. My 7 yo is the only one doing the workbook. She does a page or two from either the workbook or extra worksheets (in the back of the TM) three times per week. We listen to most of the CD while in the car once or twice per week. Oh, we do one chapter a week. The HeadventureLand website is good, as well.



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We do SSL every day, and stretch each lesson out for one 5 day week. Our schedule looks something like this.


Day 1: Discuss new words, sing new song a few times

Day 2: Discuss new words, read the teaching part of the lesson together, they copy their new words on a white board

Day 3: They do one of the worksheets from the book, or illustrate their words if that lesson is short on worksheets. (Each lesson varies in amount of actual work.)

Day 4: They play with homemade match/go fish cards, or do the coloring pages, or play on www.headventureland.com

Day 5: They do the last worksheet in the lesson.


After the first day I only put the songs on if they specifically ask, but we often sing the new song without the disk when we review the words.


I find they retain better when we do something, no matter how little, for SSL every day. This is their shortest subject, so it doesn't take time from their other lessons.

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