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How has Logic changed your child?

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Good question. Let's see. My older kids are 13 and 11. We've done some Mindbenders and we are going thru Fallacy Detective right now.


I think their deductive skills have improved but I don't really have something concrete to show for it. Perhaps in some detective type shows.


I know their ability to detect a fallacy has drastically improved; this can be seen easily when they watch the news with their dad. "Hey he didn't answer the question! That was a Red Herring! Red Herring! Red Herring!"



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logic books with me and finished the second one last year. He is a much better arguer now! I don't necessarily mean he is oppositional, he isn't really, but he knows how to argue effectively. He is even trying to teach his younger brother better technicques! Despite this, we really are not a very argumentative family...


He notices it helps him with test taking too, and his "BS detector" is razor sharp, for a teen that is.

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We've always incorporated a wide variety of critical thinking books throughout our homeschooling, and then from 5th grade up, have done Logic in the form of the Dandylion Logic series and then Fallacy Detective and Thinking Toolbox. DH will be doing his old college Logic textbook together with the boys next year.


What Logic has done for them:

- Better at problem solving.

- Enhanced test-taking skills.

- Can better see/understand worldviews and decisions and their resulting consequences.

- Enhanced analyzing skills (in science experiments, literature discussions, etc.).

- Better rhetoric skills (supporting a position, or seeing flaws in a position).

- Helped them organize their writing (making an outline, supporting points with examples, etc.)



Our 2 overall academic goals for homeschooling have been:

1. Hopefully develop a love of reading and books.

2. Develop good thinkers.

We've always felt that if those 2 goals were met, our children could teach themselves anything and would be able to function well in the world. Logic has DEFINITELY helped us as we strive for goal #2!



Warmest regards, Lori D.

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