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altering a short-sleeved dress...

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I have a dress I really like, kind of a dusty green with a small ivory floral print. Only problem is it has short sleeves. It's not a "modesty" issue, it's more because I have these honkin' huge batwings under my arms ( :blushing: kindly pointed out to me again last night by dh -- "oh my god!" lol!) that I'm really not comfortable advertising. It would be perfect if the sleeves could be just, like, 6 inches longer.


Is there any way to do this without it looking ridiculous? It's a dress I bought at a consignment shop a while ago, so I can't return it, and otherwise it looks terrific...

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Well, I'm not a seamstress, but post a picture of the dress so we can think up some ideas.


I'm the kind that wears long sleeve thermals under short sleeves (but I live in a northern climate).


Maybe you can find a kind of sheer top with long sleeves to wear underneath?


Post the pic!

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I wish I could use a cardigan, Nadia, but temps over here are already 100+ daily, I'd probably pass out!


My only other thought was to shorten it slightly and use the bottom piece to try and lengthen the sleeves, but maybe that would look bad... sigh, I should probably just donate the thing and be done with it.

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If you took fabric off the bottom, could you add a sort of ruffly bit to the sleeves ... not TOO ruffly, just about the same amount of drape and all proportioned to the skirt.


Sorry, it's early, and my brain apparently isn't functioning yet -- I can picture this in my mind, but can't think of the words to describe it -- the flare of the sleeves would bell out like the skirt does from the waist.

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You might buy fabric that complements it, puttting a 6" piece around the bottom of the skirt and a 6" piece around the bottom of the sleeve, making it look as thought it "belongs" there.




I like this option the best - we "Jeans" think alike! Adding more fabric to the bottom of the sleeves is a lot easier from a sewing point of view than taking out sleeves and putting in a new sleeve in my opinion - esp. if the fabric around the sleeve has already been trimmed (as it usually is). If you find fabric that is the same shade of green (but not sprigged) I would think it would look nice. The 6" piece around the bottom could just be put on top of the existing hem of the dress (unless you want your dress longer).

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