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Please help me remember the name of the book about how to get your kids into ivy

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Michele you may want to read some of the one star comments on Amazon - there are 6 of them.




I was thinking a book like that would be great, until I read some of the suggestions given in the book. Ugh. I don't recall having read the thread here about the book, but I'd suggest checking that out as well as I'm sure others had concerns about the rather dishonest "suggestions" made in this book. Unethical sums it up.

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I don't recall having heard about the book mentioned in the posts above, but if you're looking for a book about Ivy League admissions, I read one several years ago called A is for Admission by Michele Hernandez. I found it in our local public library. I thought it was quite helpful and I don't recall anything unethical in it at all. You can look it up on Amazon (couldn't paste the link for some reason). It seems to have a lot of good reviews.

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