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Williams Sonoma ceramic bread basket look alike at Target, just FYI

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Eucalyptus Stoneware makes the bread baskets for Williams Sonoma. I broke down a few weeks ago and bought two oval-shaped white baskets directly from Eucalyptus, then saw a round version that looked identical at Target today. Eucalyptus sells them for $50 apiece, but Target has them for $19.99. Don't think they're from the same manufacturer, but I'm not sure if that matters. Just had to share this, because I know that these baskets get rave reviews on the Williams Sonoma website. Target has them in white and blue. Can be used as a fruit basket, etc... Mine currently has lemons in it. Wish I had seen this a few weeks earlier! But then again, for the price...maybe I'll get a couple more :)



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Either of them would work nicely for fruit or other things on display' date=' but from what I read, the Williams Sonoma one is made of stoneware and can be preheated in the oven to keep bread warm at the table. [/quote']


Yes. I have the Williams Sonoma basket (in cherry red). It is stoneware, made in the USA, and can be heated in the oven.

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