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Need read aloud book rec. for dd7--about American Indians

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We are reading the Little House on the Prairie books (we're currently in Little House on the Prairie, and have read ...in the Big Woods already). In the book, the Indians have been riding past the house, which Pa built pretty close to their trail, because he didn't know it was still in use. Sometimes the Indians come in, and Ma cooks for them, and everyone gets along fine. Sometimes the Indians come in and take things. I'd say there's a fair bit of prejudice--a mixture of fear of the unknown, fear of the known (theft of property), and the prevailing attitude of the day (Pa: "When white settlers come into a country, the Indians have to move on. The government is going to move these Indians farther west, any time now. That's why we're here, Laura. White people are going to settle this country, and we get the best land because we get here first and take our pick.").


I'm looking for book recommendations, books that can provide more insight--behavior of whites and Indians alike, but still age-appropriate. I'm looking for mostly chapter books, like the Little House books.

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To my 13 yr. old, 7 yr. old and 5 yr. old., I have read Sign of the Beaver, Children of the Longhouse, and Light in the Forest. These are chapter books for older children but each child enjoyed them. I read these in a few days each. They didn't want me to stop.


"Sign..." is about a boy left to take care of the new family cabin while the father goes back to get the rest of the family. He ends of meeting an old indian grandfather and his grandson....."


"Light.." had scalping. It is about a boy taken at 4 years old and having to be returned at around 15 yrs.


"Children..." is about about a young boy "kind of" becoming a man. Late 15th century.

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Bumping up so people list more.


We're just starting our American History studies and being that I am half Native American, I would love to do this justice. I remember I already wanted The Birchbark House, as I am Ojibwe. :) I've been to Madeline Island too, and it would be a great place to take DD6 this summer during a trip to the grandparents.

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