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Gardening WWYD?

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So DH and I have been planning to have a garden since we bought our place 4yrs ago. Due to having babies and other things coming up, we have never started our garden! DH built a deer fence around the area last fall, but he still needs to add the gates, finish a chicken run, and till the garden area. Needless to say, he is feeling a bit like we should hold off the garden AGAIN! He has agreed, however, to a small garden if I like. He said I could choose 4 things to plant, but I dont know how to pare down my list to only 4 items!


Which would also be the easiest? We both have planting experience, but in other areas/soil type than this is. It is pretty much a lot of clay here! We can bring in a bit of topsoil, but deeper down would be clay.


So tomatoes are a given!


What would you plant if you had to choose only 3 others?


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I agree with the tomatoes because there is nothing better than homegrown tomatoes. Spinach because it is one of the most contaminated veggies (unless you buy organic). Celery, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, and bell peppers are in the "dirty dozen" which tend to be high in pesticide residue. I've grown potatoes, carrots and lettuce successfully here in the PNW but not celery or bell peppers so I don't know how they grow.

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Our favorites that we've grown in the PNW:


****sugar snap peas**** Absolute favorite

bush beans





We've had a lot of fun trying different varieties of bush beans and peppers. The purple/burgundy beans are so much easier to find and pick among the green leaves, and change color to green when steamed. An interesting pepper we grew was a "chocolate" variety, with a very deep purple, almost brown color.


Erica in OR

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Have you looked into "Lasagna Gardening" ?


I had never heard of it until I read about it on an Organic Gardening forum and I am TOTALLY doing it! Here is one link, but Google it and read more articles :)




You don't have to till the soil at ALL!

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