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Something about pantyhose that I noticed this weekend...(hows that for a title!)


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Over the years here, I have seen many 'what should I wear posts'. Almost every time, people say "don't wear hose, they are out of style". This weekend I was at an event with about 200 people dressed in anything from office wear to satin evening gowns. I started looking around noticed, remarkably that 1/2 of the women (yep, I tallied) were wearing some kind of hose, from shear to black. So, while they many not be 'required' now, they are definitely still being worn in our area, Portland, OR. Maybe it is the cold winter weather or the pasty white skin from lack of sunshine (me!), but if you in the PNW, you can still wear hose to a party and not look out of place.

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I think of tights or patterned hose (in darker shades like gray or black) as something entirely different from flesh colored panty hose. The former are VERY in. The latter...not at all (at least here in Salt Lake). I haven't worn flesh colored panty hose since the nineties.

What she said.


I'll wear black hose, but no flesh colored ones. I'll wear tights of almost any color but pink. And I won't wear any of them in the summer.

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