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We are currently doing Singapore Math 1B (with IP and WPs) and Math U See Beta.

MUS is working, but is very boring. Maybe more so for me than for my son. He just does it because he has to - I don't think he enjoys it. I picked these 2 programs because they are so different, my thinking being that it is good to approach math in many different ways. It has been going fantastic in terms of his learning and understanding of all concepts thus far.


My question is: What can I replace MUS with? MM seems to be to similar to SM?

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We use Horizons with Singapore. Horizons has many different types of problems in any given lesson--great for review and exposure to some topics you don't see in Singapore (eg Roman numerals). I much prefer Singapore for teaching concepts, but I feel like we're keeping skills sharp and are preparing for standardized testing by adding in Horizons. Starting in 5th grade we also add in some Life of Fred. I know others combine Singapore with Miquon.

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