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X-Post: Do I really HAVE to teach dd how to think?

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Out of pure exasperation and desperation, I posted this on the high school board. Just posting it here in case any of you are going through the same thing....


"Admittedly, even the thought of coming to these boards makes me break out in hives! I can barely wrap my brain around the logic stage, let alone the rhetoric and beyond. I dont' even know if I should post this here, but it seemed as good a place as any.


I'm here today to ask you btdt moms if you've actually had to teach your dc HOW to think??? A little background: This is our first year homeschooling. I have two dd, ages 10 & 7. My dd7 seems to be hardwired for critical thinking. My dd10 is totally not.


I had her making oatmeal this morning and I asked her to cover the pot.....she asked, "with what?" :001_huh::001_huh::001_huh: I asked, "what do you think you should cover it with?" She said, "a paper towel?" Me said, "nooooooo, what else?" She said (after a long pause), "a plate?" Me said, "nooooooo, what else?" She said (after an even longer pause), "oh, the lid?" OMG, REALLY!! :banghead::banghead::banghead:


So, those of you who have lived through this stage with your own children, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE with a child like this. Oh, and it's just not with everyday life. At the mere mention of a discussion question during school time, she goes to her shut down place and I literally have to drag every word out of her!!!!! This child has mastered the art of passive aggression/silent protest. Please tell me this will get better????


Do I just have to give this skill time to mature. I'm trying my best to be patient, but I do worry that lack of critical thinking will lead her astray and it makes me nervous, really nervous.


Ahem....off the soap box now. Thanks for listening."

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I'm sorry but your post made me laugh! :lol:


Between the ages of 8 and 11, my dd was very similar. Around mid-way through the age of 11, she began to lose the "dunce" moments. Now her comments are quite insightful with only the odd "Hello!" moment thrown in.


I know exactly how you feel though. I put a quote up on my whiteboard to help me through the day: "Patience is the companion of wisdom. ~ St. Augustine". I used to look at it when all I could do was shake my head.


It does get better. ....... and yes, you do have to encourage her to think. :001_smile:

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:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: Oh, thank, thank, thank goodness it's not just me!!!!!! Thank you all. You've made my day.


"Patience is the companion of wisdom. ~ St. Augustine"


Do u mind if I borrow this? This sound so much better than my usual, "Dear God, give me patience!"

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Thank you for sharing this, mama. I have often thought of asking the same question, but was scared to. :grouphug:


My husband and I have often despaired of the same thing! My just turned 11yo DD is sweet as the day is long and very helpful, but there are days that we aren't sure if she could think her way out of a paper bag.


I am thankful that she's not the only one and that as she grows and matures she will learn how to think. Some days it is all I can do not to roll my eyes and react in exactly the opposite way that I should!


Perseverance is key, I guess!

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