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I'm back from vacation. Meh.

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OK, it wasn't bad...it was the beach, after all. ;) But aside from the first couple of days when friends came to stay, the rest was just, well...let's just say it was not as relaxing a vacation as the last one. :glare:


Granted I had a clingy-nursey-baby this time. And the weather wasn't great every day. And I did 12 loads of laundry. And dear relations invited themselves over on two separate days.




Dee-aitch and the dee-cee did, however, catch some righteous crabbies!




I'm glad to be home. :001_smile:

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Those are huge! Yikes! I don't go in the water w/o water shoes anymore. There are just too many of 'em. Holding up their little pinchy things. Waiting. scared008.gif


My dsil has a beach house that we get to use. I had the same experience. The laundry alone was hard enough, but luggin all the stuff to the beach and then someone would have to go to the bathroom. Then the showers and the towels and the love bugs.


We'll do it again, though. :D


I do get to do Galveston my favorite way for my anniversary. We're gonna either do the Galvez or the Tremont. Woot! Woot! love006.gif


Glad you are back!

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