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Could use your opinion (science)

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I've decided that I'm to combine my 5th and 2nd grader into a year of mostly physics (and some life science that we didn't get to this year).


Because I have the two ages I am trying to find a balance between being too easy for my oldest and way over the head of my youngest.


I'm wondering if anybody here could weigh in on my initial thoughts.


So far, I'm thinking of using the Singapore MPH 5/6 as a basic spine to outline when/where to cover the topics.


I had thought to use the Paul Fleisher books to go into greater depth for each topic (for my 5th grader). Would these books be acceptable, do you think? I've read some off googlebooks and think they would work. I guess we'd use them in more of a WTM, outlining sort of way?


I would like to back up these books by purchasing some Science in a Nutshell kits for experiments - will these be sufficient for lab experiments for grade 5? I've also been eyeing the stuff at HomeScienceTools but most of those kids say ages 13+ and mine will be 7 and almost 10. Can I get away with Science in a Nutshell? Do they do a good job of teaching? Are they fun and engaging?


I don't know what else we could do- probably a couple of TOPS units. :confused: I also have NOEO Physics I and II so I can always use that as a fall-back if all else fails- I just don't like the YSKits that come with the program and think they're not quite "meaty" enough for my 5th grader.


I'd have liked to do something like a few of the Science Explorer books but not having seen them I'm a bit reluctant to purchase since the reviews here on them are mixed. I think CPO will be too hard for my 2nd grader to even consider using so that's out for now.


I'm mostly concerned that this initial plan of materials to use will end up in a course that is too simple or not challenging enough for my 5th grader. I *think* it will be okay- this will also be our first time through physics so everything will be fairly new- but wanted to either get some reassurance from you wonderfully intelligent ladies or some recommendations on how I can make this better.


Thanks so much!!

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MPH is a survey of topics. Physics would probably be spread around a bit. I wouldn't put that at the top of the list.


What about Elemental Science? Physics for the Grammar Stage would probably fit both kids. It's aimed at kids from 3rd-5th. It's only $16.50 for the download plus the cost of books. Here's the sample.


Do you think it would be meaty enough? I'm considering it, but there's not a lot of books used and I don't know if it would be hands-on enough. She also uses the Newton book which we actually pulled out and went through a bit when we hit Newton in SOTW3.


For some reason there seems to be a big jump from what the regular posters on the K-8 board do/use and what some of the Logic stage mamas here are doing. I'm feeling torn between the two. :001_unsure:


My oldest is definitely ready to take things to the next level but I'm reluctant to throw her into something that's too far over her head. I was looking at Elemental last night- I'm going to go look at it again.

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I haven't used it. I've got the chemistry here to do over the summer. Next year, when my son is in 4th/5th grade, I plan to do physics while at the same time doing MPH 5/6. We like a lot of science.


Are you more concerned with finding a program that challenges your 5th grader, and just lets your 2nd grader tag along? Or would you prefer to find a program that your 2nd grader can keep up with and then check out extra books for your 5th grader?


If you want something at a more solid 5th grade level, I've seen The Elements & NOEO recommended but I haven't seen them myself.


ETA: I think Elemental Science is REALLY hands-on. In the first month they make a hovercraft! They also use a K'Nex gears kit for a few weeks, do an egg drop activity, potato clock, newspaper stool ... sounds like so much fun. IMO, plenty for a 5th grader.

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