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Which Would You Choose?  

  1. 1. Which Would You Choose?

    • BJU English - grammer and writing with AAS added
    • CLE LA
    • other

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I've done both, but voted for BJU. I don't think either is better than the other, it's just the way we learn that works for us.


CLE is more of a spiral. I wouldn't say incremental, but close to it. BJU does concepts by chapter, trading off writing for grammar and I like those breaks in between. It's a nice middle ground between spiral vs mastery. Plus if we do want to liven things up a bit, BJU has a lot of ideas in their TM.

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I chose BJU, abd that's what I just bought for next year too. My reasoning is that:


A. I just think spelling skills vary so hugely among children, so I would never want to tie spelling to a schedule. I have one horrible speller and one amazing speller, and list-based progrAms make one cry, and bore the other to tears.


Obviously, you could just use CLE and skip the spelling- which is something I had also considered. But:


B. BJU can take us all the way through. I'm

Concerned about the non-Sunrise editions of CLE.


HTH :)

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