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Sonlight Core K or SOTW


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My new 6 year old will be finishing SL P4/5 within the next week.

After spending time on this board, I picked up a copy of SOTW from the library and I really enjoy it. I think my son will too. I have not seen the activity guide yet.




I do have Core K ready, as I planned on doing it last year when he just turned 5. He was to young and I backtracked to P4/5. It was great, but did become a little to light towards the end of it. I think he's perfect for Core K now.


I'm really confused as to if I should start Core K, or do SOTW, which seems fantastic.


As I see it: SL Pro's:

All the books are picked for me, fewer trips to the library, the IG.

Con's: Core K is a little "disjointed" going here and there. I like SOTW's cycle. As a non-American, I really don't want to do 2 year of American History when I get to Core 3 and 4. Books are mostly fiction.


SOTW Pro's: 4 Year Cycle

Con's: I still have to get read alouds, etc. Is there more planning involved? What do I do in 2 years when my little one comes into the mix? (Overplanning, I know.) Do I get a list of books that go with the lessons?


I guess the long and the short of it is: What will you do, Core K or SOTW?


Thank you,


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I'm curious also!!!


We are doing Core K now with my 5 yr old and 6 yr old. They LOVE it!!! I highly recommend the literature selections, they are wonderful! You could read those to your son either way.


Now the history, my boys love it when it is scheduled. But at our current point in the curriculum we are reading missionary stories every day. Now, don't get me wrong, the kids LOVE the missionary stories and really enjoy them, BUT they are missing the daily history reading.


So I am looking at next year and wondering if I should do SOTW 1 and Sonlight 1 together, they both cover the same time period. Or if I should do mainly SOTW and supplement with the history reading selections from Sonlight 1 and still do the Sonlight literature selections.


I'm looking forward to what other feed back you get :)

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