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"John Adams" HBO Movie...

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We loved this film!! I read that the major events are fairly accurate and Adams' personality is as accurately portrayed as they can from correpondances, etc. but that the little private stuff is mostly made up.


And it sparked weeks of Netlfix presidency DVDs for us. We still laugh because whenever I hear this obscure classical piece, it makes me think of the point in the movie where Lincoln finally decides enough is enough and drafts the Emancipation Proclamation. The music swells, I bawl my eyes out, and everyone flees the room. :D


The movie does make you just want to run out and hug a president though, doesn't it???

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It's pretty accurate, but there are some big inaccuracies too. The tar and feathering scene never happened with Samuel Adams, John Adam's daughter died at a different time than she does in the movie, the kids sometimes joined them in Europe, things like that.


I thought it was excellent as well. It certainly didn't try to sugarcoat anything.


Here's a wikipedia article listing the inaccuracies: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Adams_%28TV_miniseries%29#Historical_Inaccuracies

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DH and I enjoyed this movie. The kids and I read "Abigail Adams: Witness to a Revolution," and I thought the movie follows their life pretty well. I noticed exact wording from their letters being spoken as dialogue. Events were out of order in some places. I wouldn't let my kids (ages 10 and younger) watch the movie without my FastForward button though (for the tar and feathering mentioned already, and nudity in the scene of daughter Nabby's breast cancer surgery).

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